Diafarm in short

Diafarm was founded in 1980 and currently employs approx. 20 employees.

Today, Diafarm produces a wide range products within complementary feed supplements and care products for pets and production animals. The dosage forms spans from powders, tablets, hard and soft gelatin capsules, pastes, syrups, lotions, gels, shampoos and soaps packed in cans to blisters, tubes, small and large bottles, jars and pails.

Diafarm markets and sells its own veterinary products in Denmark, but also exports a large part of the production to the rest Scandinavia, the Baltics, the Czech Republic, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Spain, Turkey, Israel, The United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and Nigeria.

Diafarm also produces private label products for large players in the veterinary industry in Denmark, in Europe and in the rest of the world.

Diafarm develops

 Diafarm is founded

Development of Cat Malt – the first in a series of successful paste products for pets and a bestseller ever since.

The veterinary clinic is sold.

Named ”Gazelle” company by the Danishfinance newspaper Dagbladet Børsen.

Recipient of the ”Initiative prize” from the Confederation of Danish Industry Triangle Region in recognition of the company's ability to generate high export rates and activities around the world.

Invited by the Confederation of Danish Industry to participate in an export promotion in Russia in extension of the official royal visit

Relocation to new and modern facilities in Vejle close to the E45 motorvway.

Certificed for COSMOS production.

Johs. retires and his sons, Jesper and Jacob, take over the management of the company.

The Story of Diafarm

Diafarm was founded by veterinarian Johs. Gjelstrup in 1980. In the 1970s he had his own veterinary clinic in the center of Vejle, where people came with their sick pets.

As the years passed, he could see that many of the problems the pets had were caused by feed imbalances, and therefore he began to study the scientific literature in the field. In the back room of the clinic, he developed his own special vitamin and mineral mixtures, with which he successfully treated the pets.

The rumor spread, and the customers came from afar to get their pets treated. The demand grew so much that Johs. had to make a life-changing choice.

Veterinarian or manufacturer?
The desire to develop and manufacture new products to alleviate the various problems of the pets won. In 1994, the veterinary clinic was sold, and Johs devoted himself full time to the production in Diafarm.

The business began to grow. The product range expanded with many different vitamin and mineral supplements. Pet shampoos against fur problems, various cleaning products, gel types and much more were developed. New types of customers came, and Diafarm started producing many private label products.

The sons take over
In the 1990s Johs.’ two sons, Jesper and Jacob, entered the company, and over the years it grew larger and came to include even more product groups.

From lying in the center of Vejle for almost a lifetime, Diafarm moved in 2016 to new and modern production facility close to the E45 motorway, but still with postal code in Vejle. The move was due to the need for more space and larger machines in relation to meeting customer demand.

Through the years, the sons have just as slowly taken over the company, but not until 2018 did Johs finally retire.