SPECIAL OFFER:UrolSyn paste-gel for dogs 50 gONLY 0,99 EUR

– Dietetic complementary feed
– Contains methionine and potassium citrate
– Acidifies urine
– Dissolves struvite stones
– Supports renal function

UrolSyn paste-gel

Nervous or anxious pet?

DiaCalm is natural and well-known herbal remedy to help relax and comfort pets in stressed situations.

DiaCalm also contains tryptophan – an essential amino acid known to relieve stress and help reduce impulsive behavior and aggression in both cats and dogs.

You can use DiaCalm in situations like
– Fireworks
– Travelling
– Kennelstays
– Pet show
– Thunderstorms

DiaCalm comes as a tablet or a palatable paste.

Sore or stiff joints?

Flexon contains nutrients such as glucosamine and chondroitin to support the ability of movement and flexibility.

Flexon comes as powder, liquid and now also as a palatable paste.