DiaCalm paste

30 ml – ST 48551


Complementary feed for dogs and cats. Natural and well-known herbal remedy to help relax and comfort pets by stressed situations like travelling, pet shows, new environment, kennels stays, fireworks, thunderstorms etc.
DiaCalm paste also contains tryptophan, which is an essential amino acid known to relieve stress and help reduce impulsive behavior and aggression in both cats and dogs. Tryptophan can interact negatively with certain other types of medicine and supplements. Consult your veterinarian in such cases to ensure that your pet is in a healthy condition.


Administer one hour ahead: Dogs: 4-6 ml paste per 10 kg bodyweight, Cats: 2-3 ml. Recommended for a limited period of 2-3 weeks and administer maximum twice a day. Give DiaCalm as an oral supplement directly into the mouth or mix into feed. Keep at room temperature and out of reach of children.