Enterolyt Complete

3,2 Kg – ST 37653


Dietary supplementary feed for infant calves. . Enterolyt Complete is used if there is a risk of digestive disorders, during periods of digestive disorders or during convalescence from digestive disorders (diarrhoea). Special nutritional purpose: Stabilization of fluid and electrolyte balance.

Consult a veterinarian before use.


Add two cups of Enterolyt Complete (90 g) under steering to 2 liters of luke warm water (38 ° C). Mix thoroughly and administered immediately.
Dosage per calf of 35-40 kg:

1. and 2. day: 2 liters Enterolyt Complete solution 2-3 times daily.
3. and 4. day: 2 liters Enterolyt Complete solution 1-2 times daily.
5. to 7. day. : 2 liters Enterolyt Complete solution once daily or as needed.

From the third day the calf should gradually return to its normal feed.
Recommended usage period: 3-7 days