Kanavit 37 150 g

150 g – ST 22301


Kanavit 37 is a concentrated and optimum feeding stuff for pets. It contains vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and proteins. Among other things Kanavit 37 supports a good condition, healthy skin and shiny fur. It is an important feeding stuff for pets in growth, pregnant and lactating animals, animals recovering from stress or illness as well as show animals that need to be brought into top condition.


1 dose (1 level measuring spoon) = approx. 0,5 g. Measuring spoon inside. Mix Kanavit 37 into feed. Directions for dose per day: Puppies: 2-5 doses. Adult dogs: 2-4 doses per 5 kg bodyweight. Cats: 2-5 doses. Birds/Guinea pigs/Rabbits: 1 dose. Horses (depending on size): 50-100 doses. Please note: Kanavit 37 does not supply the daily need of Calcium or Phosphorus.