Cat Malt – the reason why you should feed it to your cat

Author: Veterinarian Johs. Gjelstrup

Cats are very clean animals that spend a great deal of their awake time washing themselves, ie. they lick their legs and body. By doing this, they sink a lot of hair. The hair will most often pass the gastrointestinal system without problems, but it still happens that the hair lump together and form a hairball. The problems arise when the hairball will not pass the gastrointestinal system. In nature, the cat will solve the problem by eating grass, as the grass induces vomiting and the hairball thus comes out of the system. However, many cats do not have the opportunity to eat grass when they need it, because they live in apartments in the city or because it is wintertime. Diafarm Cat Malt is a good and more hygienic alternative to grass.

How to avoid hairballs
If you want to avoid vomiting and diarrhea caused by hairballs, then feed you cat Cat Malt on a regular basis. Diafarm Cat Malt has an optimal ratio of malt and paraffin oil which cats love. Malt tastes great and promotes peristalsis, that is, the bowel movements, and paraffin oil is a well-known remedy against constipation. The paraffin oil passes undigested through the intestinal tract, thereby lubricating it so that the hairball can slide through the intestine. Thus, you do not have to fear that your cat will gain weight when feeding it cat malt.

Diafarm Cat Malt is a palatable paste, which the cat will often perceive as a treat and eat directly from the tube. You can also mix it into the feed.

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